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Bike Info

MbPark address

122 chemin Mont-Blanc, J0T 2G0

Opening hours

10:00 à 18:00 ven., sam. et dim.


Free parking is available at the base of the Faustin hillside.


Electric bikes are not permitted in the Mont Blanc Mountain Bike Park unless the user is able to remove the battery. The weight of the bikes can cause injury to lift attendants, and the battery is too heavy for the type of support installed on our chairs.

Prohibited bike types

  • Bike for more than one user
  • Bicycles with giraffes (Child Bike Attachments), carts, trailers or any other addition that allows another rider to be added. 
  • Pedalless bikes (Push Bikes)
  • Bicycle without brake or with only one brake ( bikes with coaster brakes)
  • Adult bike without suspension


You can reach our emergency phone number at any time at 819-688-2444 #555.  

In case of rain or bad weather

Park closing announcements will be made the same morning, before 6:00 AM. A publication on Facebook, Instagram, then a banner on our WEB page will announce the opening or closing information. 

In the event of thunderstorms, the ski lifts will be closed.  

Mandatory protective clothing and equipment

Wearing long, hard-wearing clothes and all appropriate protective gear - closed-toe shoes, goggles, knee and elbow pads - is strongly recommended. Helmets are MANDATORY on all trails and on the Pump Track.

Open trails only

 It is forbidden to circulate in closed trails or off trails, under penalty of withdrawal of the ticket or pass. 

Mountain signage

It's important that all cyclists respect mountain signage and use the trails that correspond to their skill level.  


Un service de patrouille et secourisme est disponible en tout temps lors des heures d’ouvertures. L’infirmerie se retrouve au bas des pistes

Our services

  • Bike rental
  • Repair shop
  • Resto-Bar
  • Giant inflatable water modules
  • Urban beach
  • Volleyball courts
  • Play areas
  • Infirmerie

Giant Water Park

Ouvert samedi et dimanche

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Resto Bar

Ouvert de vendredi à dimanche

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Bike rental and repair shop

Ouvert de vendredi à dimanche​

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